The Classics                         

Amaretto/Jack Daniel Sour  £8.95          

Amaretto or Jack Daniels, sweet and sour mix poured short over ice.

Bardstown Buck  £8.95

Jim Beam Honey 50ml, Lime juice 15ml, Apple juice 25ml, with lime wedge garnish.

Caipirinha/Jagerinha  £8.95

Cachaca or Jagermeister poured over crushed ice, freshly muddled limes & sugar.

Long Island Iced Teas  £8.95

Jim Bean Double Oak, Angostura bitters, sugar cube.

Cosmopolitan  £8.95

Lemon infused Finlandia Vodka,  Triple Sec orange liqueur, cranberry juice & lime juice.


The Long Ones                  

Bisongrass Crush  £8.95

Zubrowka, limes, mint  &  brown  sugar, stirred over crushed ice topped with apple juice & Goldschlager.

Forbidden Fruits  £8.95

Bombay, strawberry puree, blackberry puree, lime juice gomme & ginger beer.

Tiki Bar Margarita  £8.95

Jose Gold, lime juice, almond syrup & cactus juice.

Frozen Strawberry  Daiquiri  £8.95

Bacardi White rum, strawberry puree, strawberry syrup, blended with ice.



Grey Goose/Star of Bombay Martini   £11.95                      

Grey Goose/Star of Bombay stirred with dry Martini infused ice, strained into a chilled glass.

Hazelnut & White Choc bang bang!  £8.95

Frangelico, Finlandia,  Hazelnut  Syrup, Crème de Cacao White & double cream.

Manhattan  £8.95

Naked Grouse Whiskey, sweet vermouth & angostura bitters.

Sour Apple Martini £8.95

Finlandia, Sourz Apple, gomme  &  lime concentrate 

Espresso Martini with a twist £8.95

Bacardi Fuego, Courvoisier VS, espresso  coffee 1 shot,  brown   sugar & orange zest.


The Mojitos                       

Classic Mojito  £8.95

Bacardi Rum , muddled fresh lime, mint, sugar,  soda & a Bacardi Fuego 15ml float.

Sparkling  £10.95

Chambord, cranberry juice, muddled fresh lime, mint, sugar and topped with Prosecco.

Passionfruit & Peach  £8.95

Bacardi Rum, Peach schnapps, passionfruit puree, peach syrup muddled fresh lime, mint, sugar & soda water.

Strawberry Mojito £8.95

Bacardi Rum, Strawberry puree, muddled fresh lime, mint, sugar,  soda water.


The Bubbly ones          

Classic champagne cocktail   £8.95

Courvoisier  V.S.O.P. ,sugar,    bitters   finished with bubbles & a Grand Marnier float.

Bombay Sapphire  £8.95

Bombay  Sapphire,  Blackberry  Puree, vanilla schnapps topped with bubbles. 

Aperol Spritz  £8.95

Aperol, prosecco, soda and orange wedge for garnish.  


Patron Silver £5.00

Patron X.0 Café £5.00

Patron Anejo £6.00

Bombay Sapphire Strawberry Jam £5.00

Tequila Strawberry Cream £4.00

Sour Apple/Raspberry £2.50

Finlandia Mars Bar £4.50

Finlandia Jelly Babies £4.50

Finlandia Skittles £4.50

Luxardo white £4.00

Luxardo black £4.00


Cocktails 2 for 1

From 5-11pm

(apart from the bubbly ones)


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