Authentic Thai Food


The common mix starter       £9.00

A selection of prawn crackers, spring rolls, fish cakes, dumplings and chicken satay.

Kao Kreab Goong                   £3.00

Mouth watering prawn crackers

Poh Pia (v)                              £5.00

Deep fried pastry rolls, filled with vegetables and vermicelli

Tod Man Pla                          £5.00

Fried spicy Thai fish cakes

Tempura Goong                    £5.00

Deep fried prawns in seasoned batter and breadcrumbs

Kanom Jeeb                           £5.00

Steamed pork and prawns dumpling topped with crispy garlic

Chicken Satay (served with peanut sauce)      £5.00

Grilled marinated chicken skewers


Tom Yum Kung                                  £5.00

Hot and sour prawns soup with Thai herbs and chillies

Tom Kha Kai                                     £5.00

Chicken soup with coconut milk and Thai herbs

Curry and stir-fried dishes

(served with Jasmine rice, add £1 for egg fried rice, £1.50 for brown rice or coconut rice)

Geang Kiew Warn Kai  (hot)                  £8.00

Green curry in cocnut milk with chicken, sliced bamboo shoots and vegetables

Geang Phed Ped Yang  (hot)                 £9.00

Red curry in coconut milk with roast duck and sliced bamboo shoots and vegetables

Geang Mussaman Nau                 £9.00

A southern Thai traditional curry with beef and potatoes, nuts and crispy fried shallots

Geang Panang Kai  (medium)                 £8.00

An authentic Thai curry in thick coconut milk with chicken and peanuts

Pad Broccoli  (v)                                £8.00

Stir fried tofu and broccoli with garlic

Pad Med Mamuang Kai  (v)             £8.00

Stir fried chicken with cashew nuts and vegetables

Pad Prik Kai (hot) (v)                       £8.00

Stir fried chicken with chillies and vegetables

Pad Nam Man Hoy Nau (v)            £9.00

Stir fried beef with oyster sauce and vegetables

Noodle Dishes

Pad Thai Kung                                   £9.00

Stir fried rice noodle with king prawns, egg, bean sprouts and spring onion

Pad Kee Mao Nau (hot) (v)                  £9.00

Stir fried udon noodle with beef, chilli and vegetables

Chow mein Kai (v)                             £8.00

Stir fried egg noodle with chicken, bean sprouts and spring onion

Plain noodle (v)                             £4.50

Stir fried plain rice noodle or egg noodle

***(v) vegetarian options;   With tofu instead of meat

Rice dishes

Steam Jasmine Rice                  £3.00

Egg Fried Rice                           £3.50

Coconut Rice                             £4.50

Brown Rice                               £4.50

Traditional English Food

Sirloin Steak                           £14.00

Grilled Sirloin steak, served with chips and grilled vegetables

Scampi and chips                 £9.00

Deep fried whole tail breaded scampi, served with chips and salad

Burger and chips                   £9.00

Home-made beef burger, served with chips

(add Bacon or cheese : £1 each)


Vanilla Ice Cream               £3.00

Chocolate Brownie and ice cream   £5.00

*** Allergy awareness, please inform us if you have any dietary restrictions eg. Nuts, milk etc before placing any orders.                       

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